About us

dp69 eyewear was born in 2014 by the will of Daniele Padovani and Michele Lazzaro, two Tuscan friends who bet on their creative abilities. Thanks to their inspiration, the authentically Italian brand quickly conquered the interest of the public as well as national and international distributors. The style of the product combined with an original communication are the secret of this success in the eyewear market. The recent turn towards sustainability and care for the environment confirms the philosophy of a brand attentive to certain issues: eyeglasses and sunglasses made with materials from renewable sources, in a skilful and lively way. The ability to always change, while remaining faithful to a positive vision of life in the well-being of all, also testifies to a good dose of courage which has borne fruit over the years, because the creators of all this have clear ideas that they intend to pursue in the as coherent as possible, with a great and real ability to listen to people and the public.

Daniele Padovani takes care of the design and the dp69 product. The experience acquired in the field of optics is added to that also acquired in the jewelery sector. Research and a taste for innovation are the hallmarks of his work. His way of conceiving eyewear takes into account not only the aesthetic and ergonomic aspects, but also those relating to production.

His natural flexibility allows him to create an accessory by talking and sharing his project with the various interlocutors involved in the production process, balancing creativity and feasibility. The passion for motorcycles and the Hispanic culture characterize his philosophy of life: adventure and joie de vivre. His profession has allowed him and allows him to travel a lot, get to know the world and the diversity from which he draws teaching and inspiration, together with his wife Tiziana, always present within the company, and their daughters Penelope and Carolina.

Michele Lazzaro instead takes care of the image and visual communication of the dp69 brand. He is a creative professional with thirty years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry. A long professional process that has allowed him to discuss and find original solutions even in particularly complex cases.

In fact, many successful advertising campaigns, even at an international level, bear his signature. His creative and eclectic soul is also found in his books and graphic novels of which he is the author and screenwriter. The love for singing, ancient Greek philosophy, photography, painting, cinema and art in general, is the cornerstone on which his life and his personal communication style revolve.